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Do you find looking for a job hard right now?

Nitrio / Sales


Love startups, sales, and crypto
Feb 5

I’m not sure if it’s current job market or being a woman but I’m finding it really hard to find a job in bd/sales

Anyone else experiencing this?


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  • Microsoft SunRsrsHyd
    Finding a job is easy but clearing the interview is hard
    Feb 51
    • HCL / Otherjstwrkhere
      That's part of finding a job. If you don't don't clear the interview how do you have a job?
      Feb 5
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    • F5 Networks rfLu65
      You’re so hip
      Feb 5
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  • Tektronix / Sales


    Yes. I've been job hunting for over a year. I am currently employed but looking to go somewhere else. I have had interviews but haven't found the right role. I have helped other excoworkers and friends find new jobs in the past year. It's frustrating.
    Feb 60
  • Google chamiyaa
    Op, which location are you in and what role are you looking. Tons of openings when I looked few months ago in Bay area. Ended up coming to the big G.
    Feb 50

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