Do you own or used Subaru Crosstrek?

Jan 23 5 Comments

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  • MailChimp / Eng noodlesoup
    I love ours! It’s my wife’s car, but I end up driving it a bunch. Has great options for low to mid trim level, solid gas mileage for its size, and looks awesome. I’d definitely recommend it.
    Jan 23 0
  • EA Mpox43
    I have a Crosstrek and it's great. Only thing I dislike is I feel if you are driving with 4 passengers it can be a little cramped. I think they could've made the car slightly wider
    Jan 23 0
  • Microsoft MereDork
    I have a 2007 forester If that counts
    Jan 23 1
    • New MMDDYY
      How do you like it?
      Jan 23
  • TD


    It's a decent car if you live in a snowy state because it's got full-time AWD and 8.7" of ground clearance.

    The interior is full of plastic and the vehicle has lots of road noise coming into the cabin. And it takes 10s to get from 0-60 mph. That's arguably unsafe.

    Take a look at the 2019 Mazda CX-5. The interior is almost luxury level for the price.
    Jan 31 0