Do you really need AWD in Seattle?

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Feb 21 24 Comments

Looking to buy an SUV and debating whether to get an AWD or not. The snowstorm this month is definitely an irregularity which happens may be once in a decade like this. So not sure if it’s worth getting awd if I don’t go to mountains for skiing at all. Only will use for daily commute 99% of the time


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  • Expedia / EngaKcN62
    AWD is only useful for getting you moving.. For steering stopping and cruising, you don't really benefit from it much. I'd go with snow tires since that gives a much larger impact. Check YouTube and you'll see a bunch of people doing this test
    Mar 10
  • Expedia shadyslim
    Need? No of course not.
    Feb 210
  • Amazon ldjsd62
    It rains, so AWD is pretty helpful
    Feb 220
  • Amazon / EngAprlSun
    You'd do fine with FWD and all season tires.
    Feb 210
  • New ktFx33
    AWD is nothing without good tires. Tires matter more
    Feb 210
  • F5 Networks / EngdTxn27
    The short answer is no
    Feb 210
  • New ktFx33
    No just get snow tires
    Feb 212
    • Amazon / Product


      Agreed. All cars have 4 wheel brakes and two wheel steering*. AWD is helpful, but don't expect miracles. That being said, a mechanical limited slip rear differential is far more effective than the electronic crap. So some older AWD models are easier to drive in rain/snow.
      Source: 10 year Subaru owner.

      (*some cars have active toe control aka rear steering but its mostly a gimmick and not transformative in handling/safety)
      Feb 21
    • Amazon frmnt
      Snow tires are actually not needed in Seattle (except during snowmageddons) if you're not going on mountain passed during winter/skiing. All season tires are perfectly adequate for 95% of city of Seattle driving. They will probably perform better in typical Seattle weather which is rain.
      Feb 23
  • Synchrony ————
    Are you saying people in Midwest all have AWD?
    Feb 212
    • The Midwest has fewer hills though
      Feb 21
    • Microsoft b6d
      They have something that is better suited for the winter season: snow tires
      Feb 21
  • Bloomberg iVX372
    You'll be fine with FWD and snow tires
    Feb 211
    • Databricks Gjsmxs
      RWD: BAD
      FWB: Better
      4wd/AWD: Best

      Snow tires are great, but not always available depending on vehicle tire size, especially truly all terrain (re: don't need to be taken off during Summer). AWD with All Terrain tires will give you most flexibility, but if you don't care about traveling over the passes with snow, it wouldn't matter as much.
      Feb 21
  • Amazon pajamaman
    If you're planning to go up to the mountains in winter get AWD. That is if you're into skiing/boarding. Otherwise get whatever.
    Feb 240
  • General Motors Y1pYip
    No, just get 2 wheels and put on snow tire in winter. The city stay on top of salting the highway.
    Feb 240
  • Microsoft HtIB24
    Not even sorta. Snow this time around was a huge anomaly. Even the rain doesn't get bad enough to need it.
    Feb 220
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    Cheaper investments are a shovel and chains/snow tires
    Feb 210
  • No.
    Feb 210
  • New 🌟 1
    AWD is not same as 4 wheel drive.
    Feb 210
  • Microsoft / DesignWhatDa
    Focus on the basics of driving in inclement weather. AWD is not an easy button.
    Feb 210
  • Cisco Infensus
    Even in Michigan tons of people drive Civics etc
    Feb 210
  • Salesforce op
    AWD helps when you need to start uphill in the rain. This is much more frequent usecase than snow.
    Feb 210
  • Databricks Gjsmxs
    How do you take your turns in the rain? Fast? AWD is good

    How comfortable do you want to be (with good tires and training) for snow/ice events or traveling to such areas?
    Feb 210

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