Do you secretly regret having kids

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  • Amazon Foobarbuzz
    I think you meant "Do you secretly regret having kids". Big difference.
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  • Facebook Bjioj
    If everyone knew fully what having kids entailed almost no one would have kids. At the same time, most who have kids genuinely love them and cherish the experience. How can these two phenomenons coexist in reality? The answer is you actually die when your kids are born and a new person takes over who loves the kids and enjoys all the things that the old person would have considered suffering. As this new person I don’t regret anything since in a way I now exist due to my kids. Poor foolish old me tho, he died not knowing what he was getting into. RIP.
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    • Google hsksns
      Confirmation bias. You can Google that.
  • Intel gifkapa
    I’d be curious if there is anyone with grown kids who regrets having them. It’s easy in the toddler days to have periods of time when it wears you down and you have momentary regrets.
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    • Microsoft O2M
      Right. Time and effort is a big influencer (along with finance) for some people to delay having kids until ready for the commitment it warrants.

      However, are there other reasons that eclipse the grown up vs toddler scenario?
    • Intel gifkapa
      I don’t understand what you mean.
  • Amazon bdiak
    Real talk, if you had asked me if I regretted having a baby during the newborn period I would have said yes. I think I even told my SO how I hated my baby because he slept like shit and screamed all hours of the day when he was awake. Now he's a toddler and he's a complete joy and I can't imagine living my life without him.
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  • Oracle marriedM
    Do you regret having secret kids?
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      Microsoft Product

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  • Amazon Nsgdbp
    I would never understand people who secretly regret having kids. I have one child and I am thankful everyday for having her in my life. I have grown as a person and experienced this immense unconditional love that you can only feel for your children. If I have to do it all over again, knowing what I am getting into, I would absolutely have my child again.
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  • The Home Depot FPQk51
    I think because of my kids, I have regretted the career path I have chosen. I wish I went to med school and became a pediatrician or something or even a nurse at a doctors office. I feel like I would have been a better role model for my children.
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