Do you see office politics at your workplace?

Google / Engasshole
May 22

If yes, give examples.



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  • Google / EngassholeOP
    I'll start. Managers will claim that another managers team is better suited to be part of their org. Talk to senior people and write a proposal. These are also the type of people who will hang around senior people at team outings etc.
    May 223
    • FacebookfFQs01
      Those are the ones which make it worse for everyone. There are also engineers like that. In most cases they back down when confronted directly, the idea is to be direct and not try to play them at their game.
      May 22
    • Let me guess. Indian manager trying to build his empire?
      May 22
    • Google / EngassholeOP
      No, Jewish.
      May 23
  • Amazon / Eng


    I think any sufficiently large company will have at least some.
    May 220
  • Honeywellthat1guy
    Ass kissing
    May 220
  • Tonnes of bullshit around ownership. Should team X or Y be doing this project. Who cares, as long as it gets done?
    May 220
  • Architects squealing to VPs when their design decisions are challenged during brainstorming sessions
    May 220
  • AmazonBen Dover
    Managers backstabbing each other and ended up with their direct reports on pivot.

    Mutually assured destruction.
    May 220
  • AppleOkidoki
    Finger-pointing at other teams when asked about poor performance.
    May 220
  • Expedia / EngHrmmmm
    Finally a Blind thread that makes me feel better :-P
    May 230
  • Ciscobinpack
    Incompetent scoping by manager/director pushing their reports to the brink with deadlines.

    Those managers should get poor ratings for bad scoping. Instead, the hapless report gets a bad rap when something doesn't get done well.
    May 231
  • Design by maximising opportunity to finger point rather than actually reducing risk / tech debt.

    May 230

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