Do you think you are getting paid fairly?

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Oct 9 9 Comments

Women on Blind, do you think you are paid fairly?



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  • Oracle


    OP: Women on Blind, do you think you are paid fairly?
    Men on Blind: Yes
    Oct 9 1
  • eBay ndjh194Hq
    I bet the result will be similar if you change women to men
    Oct 9 1
    • Microsoft
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      Read title. Voted no. Noticed section. Oops I’m a dude.

      And I’m probably not the only one.
      Oct 9
  • New / Creative HasanMinaj
    The answer would be "No" irrespective of the gender. When it reaches "Yes" the world would have attained harmony and Trump is no longer the president.
    Oct 9 0
  • GSK / Eng j1275i
    150k and I fee overpaid lmao. People doing much harder work than me getting paid half that.
    Oct 10 0
  • Amazon / Eng Drendar
    The question is flawed. "Fairly" in relation to who?
    There are far too many variables to just take sex as a singular variable in the equation.
    The problem is feminism has been ramming that 80c on the dollar bullshit down peoples throats for so long that people start to believe it, so that when they see that they're earning 20% less than someone else they immediately jump to the gender pay gap as the reason, and not that the other person may have more experience, works harder, works more hours, produces better quality work, doesn't need as much help or any number of other factors.

    As someone mentioned above, if you ask ANYONE regardless of sex/gender if they get paid fairly, they're pretty likely to say no.
    Oct 9 0
  • New lapdm
    Yes, but I asked for it. I am a Sr. Director of Product and am at 280k. I don’t know if I buy that women get paid less, I think it’s just that women have a hard time asking. We believe that if we have earned it, we will get it but that’s just not the case. If you’ve earned it AND ASKED FOR IT, you will get it.
    Oct 23 0
  • Amazon Yo Yo !
    I’m overpaid. Said who ?
    Oct 9 0


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