Do you use your company’s unpopular products ( e.g Yahoo, Keynotes, Sprint)

Facebook xjQc05
Jan 29 7 Comments

I thought it would be interesting to do a poll on whether people use their company’s not so popular products.

If you are from a big enough company or you are from a small company in your industry we all have underdog products that we root for as an employee, or have even worked hard on. Do you use these consumer products?

In the comments section if you use these products let us know why? Is it out of loyalty? obligation? financial incentives?

If you genuinely believe in the superiority of your underdog product let us know what the world has not figured out yet.



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TOP 7 Comments
  • Oath


    hit me up if you’re hiring. I am strong in algorithms and decent at development skills. Will try my best to get you your referral bonus, hate Verizon!
    Yahoo uses gmail cause Verizon said so ✊
    Jan 29 1
    • Verizon PapaHans
      That's what our 5th G is
      Jan 29
  • Apple 88812122
    Where is Facebook for work in title?
    Jan 29 0
  • Intel Sjkopgg
    Intel Unite is the dumbest product no one has ever heard of. Because semiconductor manufacturers clearly understand videoconferencing and collaboration tools.
    Jan 29 0
  • Microsoft ЯR
    Hello, I'm a from future, but I still use MS Teams. No particular reason, just that daily pinch of salt to my plate.
    Jan 29 0
  • Nokia / IT Pizdets
    I think every Nokia product is unpopular. I do however use our transoceanic cables because I don't have any choice.
    Jan 29 1
    • Sprint UyrR86
      You guys had/ have the best phones in the market. Microsoft just failed to utilize your product with their OS properly. Sad!
      Jan 30


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