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Jul 2 5 Comments

I’m interviewing for a Pre-Sales role at Docusign. What kind of questions can I expect from a Director of Engineering department? Thanks!


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  • Facebook VHwj68
    Sell me this pen
    Jul 2 2
    • Amazon / Eng eztP64
      You pay them to buy the pen. Tell them you'll pay them ten bucks right there for them to buy the pen. But then you make them pay with something they undervalue, like their personal data for ad targeting. Next thing they know the free pen is serving them ads.
      Jul 3
    • Facebook VHwj68
      Damn what’s in the bananas at amazon
      Jul 3
  • DocuSign Ricd03
    Ask them if you will ever hit OTE, they will tell you that entire teams are making well over OTE but it’s the exact opposites, teams and individual quotas are unattainable
    Oct 3 1
    • DocuSign MDRdaddy
      Majority of teams have overachieved their OTE almost every quarter, Some teams struggle periodically, but that is how sales works, and things tend to balance out.
      Oct 9


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