Does Amazon pay SWEs competitively?

Google / Eng Bergey Sin
Mar 25 7 Comments

Interviewed a few years back and got an offer that was less than my then TC so I turned it down. Since then I've been approached by their recruiters multiple times but I don't know whether it's worth my while to interview. FWIW I'm happy with my current team.

TC: 420k
YoE: 8


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TOP 7 Comments
  • MathWorks p8Rz2u
    Very few companies will pay more than 420k for 8 YOE.. I would guess only places like FB / Citadel / Netflix will be able to beat that.
    Mar 25 0
  • Google Mmkaay
    Don’t bother, it is not worth it even if they pay $470k, which they won’t.
    Mar 25 0
  • Google topCon
    What level? Amazon L7 will beat that.
    Mar 25 2
    • Google / Eng Bergey Sin
      I'm an L5 at Google, but of course I don't know what level Amazon would offer me since I haven't recently interviewed with them.
      Mar 25
    • Google topCon
      I meant current level. Yeah you're already Amazon L6 equivalent. Only move for L7

      What's your TC breakdown now?
      Mar 26
  • Pinterest Elon Tusk
    Short answer: no.
    Mar 25 0
  • PayPal hshdihjoa
    Try applying! You'll be surprised
    Mar 25 0