Does Apple rescind offer?

Nvidia mClD50
Jul 16 16 Comments

Had onsite with Apple last week for SWE and they want to make me an offer, but wanted me to provide details of my competing offer first so that they have something to work with as a baseline

I gave them the numbers from my other offer, but haven’t heard back yet. Do they rescind offer in this case if the competing offer is too high or if they can’t match it?

TC: 200k
YOE: 7


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  • Nvidia mClD50
    A happy update. Recruiter reached out to me today with numbers. Not only was he able to match, but even beat the competing offer. Needless to say, I will be joining Apple soon :)
    Jul 17 1
    • Apple EaTW73
      Nice! Congrats. 🎉
      Jul 18
  • Apple / Eng

    Apple Eng

    Call or send an email to recruiter won’t hurt anything
    Jul 16 1
    • Apple fagaghh21
      Personal experience, they take awhile but yes reach out.
      Jul 16
  • Oath Atinlay2
    “Want to make an offer” is not “an offer”
    Jul 16 0
  • Microsoft x -> x x
    So what was the offer? Do you have any numbers to share?
    Jul 20 1
    • Oracle / R&D TLead
      I received 175k/160k stocks/35k sign on. Debating if I should take it or not. This is for Technical Product Manager Data Science. YoE: 2.5
      Jul 20
  • Nvidia bdei51
    If they can't match why do you care? Take the higher offer. Also there is no offer yet so they can't rescind.
    Jul 16 1
    • Nvidia mClD50
      I like the team and work at Apple more, so was planning on going there
      Jul 16
  • NASA qKln23
    Are you in HW?
    Jul 16 1
    • Apple powerlines
      From tc , it looks like yes
      Jul 16
  • Microsoft / Eng litec123
    In the exact same situation. I like Apple team much more but their “baseline” is insanely low compared to my other offer. I was asking for TC220k, compete(a well known company) gave me 225k. I highly doubt Apple will give me 200k+ based on my conversation with recruiter.

    Finger crossed
    Jul 18 0
  • Apple EaTW73
    Same thing happened to me but that is as good as an offer. My competing offer was also higher than what they could offer. So I asked for more as much as I could, got beefy sign on, and now I’m at Apple.

    You should reach out to the recruiter. There are some recruiters that are hard to work with at Apple.
    Jul 17 0
  • Oracle / R&D TLead
    If they can’t match it would they rescind the chance of giving an offer or would they still give the offer with a lower pay they could afford? I think this is what OP means. @Apple folks, what do you guys think?
    Jul 16 0
  • Nvidia bdei51
    It hasn't been too long since you gave them numbers, I think they will still make you an offer. What is your other offer btw?
    Jul 16 0
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Jul 16 0


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