Does Boeing also hire engineers through leetcode?

Chase / Engghosted!
Mar 11 8 Comments

It looks like it!!


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    It's the "MOVE FAST AND BREAK THINGS" methodology that all the super-smart top-tier engrs follow.
    Mar 110
  • Microsoft 4;2@&fda
    What does this mean?
    Mar 111
    • Amazon cuda4u
      The latest Boeing MAX planes have crashed and airlines have grounded them globally
      Mar 11
  • Oracle tamatar
    Similar fatal errors happen when you try Agile and AI where they don't belong. Since when did everyone start giving up on quality for churning out changes fast? It's pathetic!
    Mar 110
  • Wells Fargo gyut
    Boeing in hot waters.
    Mar 110
  • Oracle tamatar
    And Boeing stock hasn't taken a hit that one would expect. FAA/ US airlines haven't grounded Boeings yet. Materialistic ********!
    Mar 110
  • Boeing / Engnoscope
    Actually Boeing doesn't. It's against company policy to ask technical questions during the official loop - and for that reason, I'm out (in a few weeks)
    Mar 120
  • Google Methane
    Apparently. Just look at what happened with the MAX 8
    Mar 110

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