Does China pay more than US for engineers and Taiwanese consider China more developed?

Microsoft hollygoat
Feb 26 29 Comments

I was debating with someone in Blind about China being far behind any other developed nation but a (probably) Chinese person from Snapchat claimed following:

“It is common sense right now Taiwan and Hongkong is already far far left behind by mainland. And countless young people from Taiwan and Hongkong are relocating to mainland to work every year. The whole Technology industry, either from the scale or from the compensation wide, China is no less than US right now. One main topic in Chinese Engineer community in US every day is whether it is time to go home to”

I find it hard to believe. Taiwan has more than 3x higher GDP per capita than China as well. When my friend traveled Asian countries last year, it was clear to him Japan is a top notch, Korea is behind but not too far and China was well below in almost every way as a tourist. I also have many friends who studied or worked at China and it is common sense China has a long way to go before it claims it is even on par with recently (almost) developed nations like Taiwan.

I mean when a country is developed enough, people start caring about how they look (not just rich people or someone in entertainment business), develop more interest towards social activity, have wide interest in entertainment and arts, try to maintain good manner, medical and environment become higher importance. Engineers in US with high salary who came from China tend to belong to upper middle class so these people are different (even then it is apparent they don’t care about these as much).

I think China has shown incredible growth and will become a better country. It will surpass Taiwan for example someday for average quality for living condition. But I feel that it is too early to claim it is there already. My Chinese friends mention that the salary in China is far behind US as well. There are a few engineers who joined Baidu and Tencent early to make a great money but I can’t imagine new grads getting 150k in China.


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  • Oath / Eng xxxcd
    🤔Pay is relative to cost of living and quality of living. Beijing already tops the list as being the top tech hub.

    Rent is definitely higher but food is better.

    China has 20x as much of consumer data than US. All these data makes machine learning opportunities everywhere. So there’s quite a lot of opportunities in this area
    Feb 26 3
    • Samsung EternalACT
      Um no, quality of life in Beijing is not better. And the only affordable housing there is a windowless basement room.
      Feb 26
    • Microsoft pJcW86
      Based on... What you read on the internet?
      Feb 26
    • Oath / Eng xxxcd
      Where else do you read from? Toilet paper? 😂
      Feb 26
  • Amazon / Eng n0v
    Average tech salary in China, even Shenzhen is still a lot lower than US (like 40-50K in Shenzhen or thereabouts). But for superstars at big companies, I've heard some astronomical numbers (Like 5-10M RMB). So definitely competitive, if not higher, at the elite level.
    Feb 26 8
    • Amazon / Eng n0v
      I meant purchase price, though rent is relatively high too.
      Mar 2
    • Microsoft euchrbdj
      How much is 1500 sqft condo in Shenzhen?
      Mar 3
    • Amazon / Eng n0v
      In a good area like 2.5M USD+
      Mar 3
    • Microsoft euchrbdj
      I think average is far from it. Look at the article 6 months ago. The person in the article says it will be 5 million yuan if he sells his his 1670 sqft home in Shenzhen. 5
      Million yuan will be around 800k USD. That is nowhere close to 2.5M. Hongkong can be even more expensive than 2.5m though.
      Mar 3
    • Amazon / Eng n0v
      You can browse Shenzhen real estate here: . If you pick a good downtown neighborhood like futian, prices are high. A new construction 139m^2 (approx 1500sqft) is 12.59M RMB (before fees), roughly 1.9M USD. (and the land is a leasehold arrangement with the government. After the leasehold expires, unclear what happens). Apt area in HK/SZ also includes a pro-rated share of the common space (lobbies, hallways and other common space) apportioned to each listing. So 1500sqft unit is actually less than that in true apt space. Of course, Shenzhen is big and includes apts both within the special economic zone and outside. Prices vary pretty dramatically and the outskirts of sz are basically dirt road, with side of the road fruit vendors and low/mid rise buildings and house the factory workers powering Huawei, foxconn and other factories. Generally, here are futian resale listings in 140-170 m2 area:
      Mar 3
  • New / Ops

    New Ops

    Rakuten USA
    This is a blindly patriotic mainlander who is trying to deceive you. HK and Taiwan still have a much higher standard of living for the middle class than the mainland, and a -lot- more freedoms.
    Feb 26 2
    • Amazon ChineseTP
      Silly to compare HK/TW with mainland. Mainland population is 70 times as Taiwan. Coastal line mainland has 500 million people and living standards are the same as TW.
      Jun 12
    • Intel Alt-Tab
      Taiwan's living quality is better than any city in China.. (I'm a Chinese who now working in Taiwan for 3yrs)
      Oct 3
  • Samsung Broken10nm
    Guy on snapchat is a totally delusional Chinese nationalist.
    Feb 26 0
  • Amazon haansolo
    I'm last year or so so things are changing in China, investor money is drying up so comp is going down. New projects are not well funded. I see Taiwan equivalent of a teir 1 Chinese City.
    Feb 26 3
    • Amazon ChineseTP
      Taiwan is equivalent of tier 1 Chinese city. Oh then you are blind.
      Jun 12
    • Google hfvjhdc
      Taiwan as tier 1 Chinese city? You are either stupid or lying
      Sep 2
    • Uber T.K
      Amazon must still living in its 90s.
      Nov 11
  • Amazon ChineseTP
    First Taiwan is NOT a nation, second Taiwan is so backward like China in 90s
    Jun 12 1
    • Google Ksad46
      According to whom? You need to give sources when making these claims.
      Oct 2
  • New Mangoes
    Consider two factors
    1 cost of living is low
    2 big cities are way more developed than smaller ones
    Feb 26 0
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    • ViaSat ggcgvv
      Shame on you. Winnie the Pooh will censor you when you go back to China.
      Apr 12
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  • TripAdvisor Cnmsb
    Guess what happens when a country with a scale like China become a developed nation?Statically speaking the cost of living is way lower in China now. We have higher TC here thanks to USD’s world dominance back by our strong military. In a foreseeable future when a new world order establishes, there will be a dramatic change. And that Made in China 2025 plan and their growing infrastructure are pretty interesting
    Feb 26 1
    • Amazon ChineseTP
      Obviously geeks here who can only code and masturbate without woman would never have a big-scale vision for geopolitics.
      Jun 12


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