Does FAANG match unvested 401k and RSUs in addition to the TC ?

Intel KKML10
Feb 11 6 Comments

Does FAANG match lost 401k and RSUs in addition to the TC ?


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  • Microsoft / Mgmt IamSatya
    What’s lost 401k? You don’t loose 401k when you switch employer.
    Feb 11 2
    • Intel KKML10
      Well, Intel has some unvested amount
      Feb 11
    • Facebook hawk77
      401k employer match is NOT required to be immediate.... once worked for a company where 401k match was received only at EOY.... sucks!
      Feb 11
  • Unless you are somewhat a hotshot, no.
    Feb 11 0
  • Google w66ftyh
    There's no "Does X match"?
    All of these are ammunition you can use in your negotiation process.
    Feb 11 0
  • Intel KKML10
    Well they didn't match..
    Feb 12 0