Does Facebook hire new grads for internships?

Sep 14 4 Comments

First Blind post. Thought I read on here that Facebook doesn’t consider graduates for their internships but wanted to know if data analytics was any different. The position I’m interested is in NYC. I’ll be a Management Information Systems grad from a Big East private school in May. F 300 technology internship experience plus starting a year long Data Analyst internship Monday. A referral would also be epic. Cheers!

TC: I’ll save you the laughs
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  • Google Lаrry Page
    No, they don't
    Sep 14 3
    • Credit Karma Fries 🍟
      You forgot your signature line in the end?

      No, they don't

      - Larry Page
      Sep 14
    • Google Lаrry Page
      I'm going to have to report you for impersonating the CEO of a well known public company.

      - Larry
      Sep 14
    • Amazon Beid8
      You know you've gone crazy when you start referring to yourself as the third person
      Sep 15