Does Facebook record audio in app?

New / Eng SmCi48
Oct 26, 2017 19 Comments

Does @facebook use audio from phone microphones for targeted advertising? If so, it’s brilliant and a bit unsettling. Friends are talking about it on twitter and I thought I’d ask the people who might actually know.


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  • Facebook / Eng Hbs51
    lol no

    think for like 5s about what that would entail
    Oct 26, 2017 0
  • Facebook / Eng ce
    Yes guys in a company where engineers can view any code we've started recording everything you say. No one has leaked this yet even though this would news of the decade.

    If this was true someone could easily setup a peer reviewed study to confirm this. It baffles me how many engineers lack basic logic and scientific reasoning.

    "How do they know so much" maybe because you spend a enormous amount of time telling an app what you like and don't like? Google and FB know more about most people then anyone else in their lives know about them.
    Oct 28, 2017 0
  • New / Eng SmCi48
    I figured it was just confirmation bias. Also it sounds like too much work/expense to be worth it. Just image the amount of audio data fb would have to process with all its users. Then there is the fundamental problem fb has always had. How do they figure out what text is economically relevant? If they have so much trouble really monitoring peoples interactions on fb as they do now, imagine the problem of trying to monetize people’s conversations. That’d be like reading minds.
    Oct 26, 2017 1
    • New / Other pthalus
      Audio data isnt much. Especially if the data is mono and 8k pcm, which is generally good enough for speech synthesis. Transcription isn't very hard. The resources is. You can build a model in the device to only upload audio with voice in it. Sample the audio do dsp and check. I mean I can tell you for a company with 500 billion in market capital, this issue is doable technically if they want to. What can they learn from it is questionable and of low value. People speak, but don't speak much commerical intent. That's where fb makes money.

      I think what prevents them is the privacy blowback.
      Oct 28, 2017
  • Facebook iGWb71
    No, how would they be able to pull that off? 100% confirmation bias.
    Oct 27, 2017 0
  • Facebook / Eng instandidl
    lol what. No.

    Also For iPhone, to use the mic a colored bar will appear at the top. Kind of like when hotspot is on. Or you’re in a call.
    Oct 27, 2017 0
  • Microsoft avkh04
    Yes... talk about some stuff 5-6 times, u will start seeing ads for that
    Oct 26, 2017 0
  • Microsoft / Product Gapque
    No they do not.
    Oct 26, 2017 0
  • Facebook / Eng QA1337
    Just think of the technology required for that. Echo and Google Home can barely work with advanced microphones with trigger words.

    It would be a huge step forward in technology to passively record hours of conversation and pull out a few key words for targeted advertising.
    Oct 29, 2017 0
  • Facebook / Eng johno
    Definitely not.
    Oct 28, 2017 0
  • Microsoft UltraTroll
    No way to do that on iPhone

    If you're on Android then die
    Oct 26, 2017 0
  • Amazon ncnksi17bn
    Most likely they do, and also your location and pictures/videos. Otherwise how do they know everything about you?
    Oct 26, 2017 0
  • Facebook wQKG73
    this is the sort of thing you think is confirmation bias until one day, you have an "accident" you only speak about verbally, and fb advertises birth control to your gf for the next three weeks.
    Oct 30, 2017 0
  • Amazon No human
    Yes, but public answer is no
    Oct 30, 2017 0
  • New zMJX73
    Don't think this is still active in their current app version. Even still, it was opt-in only:
    Oct 27, 2017 0
  • Facebook / Eng FbEng
    No they do not.
    Oct 27, 2017 0
  • Facebook Five-seveN
    Oct 27, 2017 0
  • Facebook GAeR15
    Not that I know of
    Oct 26, 2017 0