Does Google Cloud have a strategy to move into Enterprise Software?

Jul 7 13 Comments

I realize Google does not likely want to move into the ERP space, but after it gets enough market share in Cloud Storage (which by the way is still years away), the next move is Enterprise Software, likely in collaboration tool acquisitions, not doing the homegrown route. Thoughts?


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  • Google DocStrange
    I’m not sure Google Cloud has a strategy at all...
    Jul 7 1
  • AIG Raging
    It was very clear in April this year at Next '19 that GC wants to be enabler for partners (Enterprise software companies) and not become the software provider themselves.
    Jul 7 3
    • OP
      Seems like the previous comment makes a good point that not only is Google already doing some form of Ent. Software but that it could also move more into the space. Partnering by only providing Cloud Storage seems very unlikely as the sole extent of Google’s plans.
      Jul 7
    • AIG Raging
      Storage??? That's a very limited view of GCP's enablement. Search for their success stories with their ISV partners. For instance, SAP modules on GCP for Enterprise.

      They'd love to go head on with the likes of Microsoft (Office suite) or Citrix for those kind of Enterprise software but NOT in ERPs.

      They are not in the business of ERP development but providing the data center ecosystem and analytics ecosystem.

      Would they love to BUY an ERP company? Hell ya! If an opportunity arose similar to Deutsche Bank debacle, they would. However, probability is infinitesimally low.

      Currently, GCP revenues are less than $7b growing at ~45-50% and targeting ~55-60% as a stretch goal.

      GCP is fully focused on displacing incumbents in
      1. Data center stack
      2. Analytics stack
      Jul 8
    • OP
      Thanks @AIG guy - Agree with you. No ERP buying, unless an opportunity arises.
      Jul 8
  • T-Systems tyranIT
    I think something they have to address is the enablement and partner ecosystem, pre-sales etc...some of their offerings are solid for specific use cases but without a solid strategy on how to enable enterprise customers to uptake their offerings they will continue to struggle. Example, I wanted info on Anthos, I would ping people online, talk to people at events, crickets...well if you are not that interested in supporting global 100 customers I am sure AMZN or MSFT will step up and go after it. Part of it has to do with the DNA at each org. GOOG always seemed to have a solid engineering culture but hasn't really understood how to engage with enterprise accounts. AWS was first and has early mover advantage, MSFT is preying on legacy accounts and their solutions are good for certain use the end of the day enterprise customers can't afford the overhead of a 3 public + private cloud reality.
    Jul 8 1
    • IBM nanii
      I think you got it. The reason why AWS is winning is because if you show even the slightest interest, they'll send support engineers to your door with POCs and generous credits. Google is not used to doing business that way because it's a consumer company.

      Google's culture is make the product then sit back and let people sign up. It's not used to face-to-face selling which is what is required for Enterprise.
      Jul 9
  • ANCILE Solutions, Inc. eNBa60
    Doesn’t Google already play in Enterprise software with G-Suite? In any case, I doubt they’d go ERP. I could see them going more of the CRM route since they make so much revenue from Ads. They could possibly do something that’s an alternative to Salesforce’s Sales & Marketing Cloud.
    Jul 7 0
  • OP
    Ok. Fair enough - that’s my point with my question. It seems that there’s a start of a direction, but no clear follow-through strategy. Is this common for Google’s culture? Seems like Google has finally found a nut it doesn’t have the slightest on how to crack. But let’s start with what we know...
    Jul 7 0
  • Amazon Ada2018
    Google has a long way to go before they can start dealing with the E of the Enterprise
    Jul 7 0
  • Sapient poshbagira
    True, a well structured sales/pre-sales org is missing. I know they are hiring as fast as they can
    Jul 8 0
  • Sapient poshbagira
    There is a big push for entering enterprise. They are strengthening their SAP partnership, but yes it will take time. They hired the oracle exec as the new ceo to primarily help the enterprise agenda.
    Jul 8 0


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