Does Qualcomm have any Backend or full stack roles?

Mitchell / Eng

Mitchell Eng

Nov 11, 2018 5 Comments

I went through career space of Qualcomm. I couldn’t find anything related backend web services or UI. Do they have any roles other than hardware engineering or system level programming? I am looking for a role with Java Programming and ReactJS

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TOP 5 Comments
  • Qualcomm / Eng ksmartink
    You could always work on Eudora. 😆
    Nov 12, 2018 0
  • Qualcomm jIFN58
    they may have some openings. but if anything happens, these roles will be the first to be cut.
    Nov 12, 2018 0
  • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
    Take heed from others. Stay away.
    Nov 12, 2018 0
  • Qualcomm / Eng GrayGatsby
    If you come to qcom for such position, you deserve to work at qcom.... ie you’re retxrded.
    Nov 12, 2018 0
  • Qualcomm


    Apple, Intel, Cisco
    😂🤣😂🤣 OMG does that thing still exists?
    Nov 12, 2018 0