Does SIG pay more than Microsoft?

Microsoft / Eng AtinIay
Sep 18 6 Comments

Just wondering what the new grad salary is like at SUSQUEHANNA INTERNATIONAL GROUP.

Got new grad offer L60 at MSFT 160k prorated


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  • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
    Sep 19 4
    • Aren't traders getting 200k TC out of school there?
      Sep 22
    • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
      I assumed OP was talking about software.

      Traders get around 135k out of school as they have to go through a year as Assistant Traders first. Though I think they recently changed the title of that position for some stupid visa reason. I’ve been told around 75% of ATs get converted to fulltime traders. From there I still don’t think you’re guaranteed 200k but it’s close. SIG is also known for a more harsh NC that can be up to three years.

      Keep in mind each year there’s only around 20-25 new FT traders each year. So taking all these numbers into account I think on average you’re better off doing a year a Microsoft and taking a shot at Google/FB or one of the better (more quant and tech focused) firms. That said me personally I probably still would’ve picked SIG over Microsoft and Amazon for reasons unrelated to TC.

      Also as a trader at SIG I feel like you have pretty limited exit options unless you leave pretty early on. Traders at SIG are a pretty niche role. Depends on the desk but in general their work isn’t nearly as quantitative as traders at JS or Optiver or algo devs at HRT or something. All the heavy lifting in quant work here is done by the actual quants. They also definitely don’t build any software skills to any meaningful capacity. So unless you know you’ll definitely be a rockstar there’s a good chance you’re trapping yourself in a shrinking industry (as firms become closer and closer to being fully automated every year).

      That said I don’t have hard numbers but I do get the feeling very senior traders here make metric fucktons.

      Take all this with a grain of salt as I was never given a trader interview for SIG as they’re quite anal about academic prestige (though I’ve been told the interview is kind of a joke). All the information I know is from talking to several current and ex traders here.
      Sep 22
    • Interesting insights. I heard from someone that a couple guys from a top engineering school got 200k offers. 100k base, 100 bonus. They might be more quanty though, but definitely was told they were traders doing a training program
      Sep 22
    • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
      Could’ve been an exceptional case with offers from direct competitors. Idk anyone personally who’ve gotten offers from JS/Citadel and SIG and picked SIG for instance.

      But if we’re talking new grad TC you can get a near 200k from Amazon/Google/FB with competing offers anyway.
      Sep 22
  • Microsoft / Eng Leet_God
    Nope especially not at that level.
    Sep 19 0