Does Walmart do EB2 for green card processing?

Capital One

Capital One

Apr 14 5 Comments

I have a masters degree with 2yrs exp and am planning to take walmart offer in bentonville, I am curious if Walmart does green cards in EB2 category?


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  • Akamai Technologies
    Why not ask recruiter?
    Apr 14 1
    • Compass 905
      The recruiter should have already clarified this. Some positions aren’t slotted for it.
      Apr 14
  • s2a7
    Funny how people, especially from Amazon, who have no clue about the answer has to come out and troll.

    Walmart does all sorts of green card, EB1a/b/c , 2 and 3. Your manager has to nominate you and from them on the immigration team will take it up. Walmart's a huge company, hence they group several nominations each quarter and process them in batch. You might have to wait for 1 year though B4 your manager can nominate you, but this ain't a rule written in stone.
    Apr 14 0
  • shwethavah
    Yeah that's right. Filing in eb2 isn't a big deal. If you are eligible for that category no ones gonna stop you. They can start start the process within 3 mons but the entire process of putting a job posting, interviewing and saying that they didn't find any one and then showing you as the most eligible one takes time. So 6 mons from when they start the process is when labor is filed. You better talk to hiring mgr and recruiter and let them know that Yu need it to start within 3 mons
    Apr 15 0
  • Amazon 63784747
    Might look incredulous to the USCIS folks and result in rejection ;)
    Apr 14 0