Does age matter?

Amazon sonJnow
May 6 9 Comments

I am getting close to 30. My job is comfortable and pays well. Not sure if I should quit right away or stall for an Year before quitting and working on my own startup.

I have heard investors are more inclined towards under 30 founders.
Any thoughts?

Tc: 220k.
Yoe: 6


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  • New / Mgmt

    New Mgmt

    EY, IBM, Financial Times, Google
    Founder with Interests in investing, energy, crypto, cannabis, tech. Multiple startups, I enjoy mentoring entrepreneurs.
    Do you have a startup idea? The idea and ability to execute is far more important than your age
    May 6 0
  • New / Eng ifys31
    Who have you “heard” this from?...
    May 6 1
    • ICU Medical / Mktg user3.0
      From motivational Instagram accounts. Obviously.
      May 7
  • CBS Interactive t1c
    Unless you are on the dreaded H-1B visa, I think you should get into the action and do it. If you are too risk averse then you don't have what it takes to build a business.
    May 6 1
    • ICU Medical / Mktg user3.0
      May 7
  • Stripe exJX72
    Cool starry
    May 6 0
  • Oracle ttyl3
    Do it right now
    May 6 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Try to do some market research and see if your idea is even desired in a market before you drop everything to develop a product absolutely no one wants
    May 6 0
  • Rally Health PWcK47
    Last I checked there was no age restriction on innovation ....good idea...and hard work.
    The investor who turns down good idea because of founder is older is stupid.
    May 6 0