Does amazon pay for valet parking during onsite interview for stay in seattle ?

Microsoft fuSB68
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topic says it all


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  • Amazon live2code
    Don’t need to as they generally put you in a hotel that’s within walking distance of the building, plus we don’t have valet parking
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  • Amazon GoneWrong
    Amazon will pay for anything that seems reasonable. On the othet hand, if you use the car to go around the city and expect them to pay for such stuff, that wont go down well
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  • Roku cruella
    Yea. At the hotel?
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    • Microsoft fuSB68
      Yes. At the hotel
    • Roku cruella
      Yea. They paid.

      A few years back tho. So check with interview coordinator
  • Hulu EVN829
    Why wouldn't you uber/lyft?
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