Does anybody here work at an apparel company?

New jarin
Feb 3 6 Comments

I want to know what it’s like to work there, as a designer or like a photographer.


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  • New / Eng b42ba837-
    Never heard of a sock subscription service. Sounds like a very narrow niche. Don't think you will find any Blinders who work there. Is it your dream job?
    Feb 3 3
    • That’s what I figured. I should probably edit my question haha
      Feb 3
    • New / Eng b42ba837-
      Is it your dream job -- designer or photographer at a sock subscription service?
      Feb 3
    • No, I’m a writer and I wanted to do some research about what it’s like to work as a designer. Just like day to day operations sort of
      Feb 3
  • New naduruk
    DM me. Would love to discuss this
    Feb 13 0
  • Nokia / IT Pizdets
    Wrong place to ask this question. Everyone here is a code monkey.
    Feb 3 0