Does anyone else think that “Blind” sounds like a name for a dating app?

Chase / EngRainy
Nov 30

Maybe they should have a blind-dating section lol


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  • Microsoft / EngwerpAderp
    I was hoping to meet my blind soulmate so they don’t realize how ugly I am
    Nov 300
  • Google masteratbs
    TC or swipe left
    Nov 300
  • Microsoft XKWP47
    Blind dating will be blind to everything but TC! You can only date people within your TC band!
    Nov 300
  • Sprint lxCy58
    When I first heard of this app I thought it was some kind of an app for blind people, then my 2nd thought was maybe it is an app for finding blind dates. Still waiting for my match.
    Nov 300
  • Intel / Other10% ESPP!
    Nov 300
  • Amazon / EngAm A Bot
    If they did put out the dating edition, it should be called “Love is Blind”.
    Dec 10
  • Samsung octave
    All my blind dates (no profile pictures) turned out well.
    Nov 300
  • Uber yshard75
    After you mention it, yes.
    Nov 300

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