Does anyone have advice as to how to create a position at a company that’s interested in me?

Mar 28 3 Comments

Fabfitfun is a company I have interviewed with, they say I’m a cultural fit and they love my experience. They plan in doubling in size this year and have asked me to be patient, which I’m not. I think there is opportunity to pitch a position to them, that they should incorporate into their company, and hire me for (obviously) but I’m unsure as to how to start as I don’t totally know their gaps and needs. This would be for buying or merchandising. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!


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  • FabFitFun BDgI53
    what postion?
    Apr 12 0
  • Workday ManCatDo
    Know more about how to advance their business and what role they need to do it than they do, and be able to persuade them of it. Not a small feat.
    Mar 31 0
  • Nvidia madd
    Increase your alternative value (BATNA). Get another offer.
    Mar 28 0