Does anyone working in Finance have good culture?

Citibank 66xeBX
Apr 6 7 Comments

I feel like so many banks get so much shit for having bad culture. Any ppl here who think their company has the best culture? Where they can actually be themselves?


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  • Union Bank / Project wwyeezydo
    American Express has a pretty good culture. Decent WLB. Good performance is recognized and rewarded.
    Apr 7 1
    • Yahoo


      Salesforce, LinkedIn, Microsoft
      Apr 7
  • Instinet @SF culture is good. Constantly building / adding to infrastructure, ML product development, small team, project ownership, supportive leadership, and good timing. I've been quite happy with my role.
    Apr 7 0
  • Snapchat iddqd.
    Definitely not Snap. I mean seriously. Too much politics in that department. I work in engineering close to them.
    Apr 6 0
  • Morgan Stanley khotaa
    I have been blessed with freedom to work on different projects ml to big data, so depends. Most people rightly crib about outdated tech at banks. They have the option to innovate but lack initiative.
    Apr 6 0
  • Goldman Sachs not_Lloyd
    marcus is tight
    Apr 6 0
  • Amgen yiXR75
    Banks suck but working in finance in an organization like Disney or FB or tech is hella fun
    Apr 6 0