Does citadel blacklist after failing onsite?

Amazon / Eng neighbormo
Apr 15 6 Comments

I know some companies blacklist candidates forever after failing an onsite (I think Jane Street does, Google does after 3 onsites..)

Does citadel do the same?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Coursera zVfi31
    Haven’t heard that Google blacklists after onsites
    Apr 15 3
    • Amazon / Eng neighbormo
      I mean ok, but that’s beside my point lol!
      Apr 15
    • Google / Eng fIsI07
      I mean he’s just letting you know. No need to be passive aggressive about it. But I mean ok, lol!
      Apr 15
    • Facebook hdkf73
      Op is correct about Google, and was pretty nice about it
  • Jane Street Capital fundfj
    We definitely re-interview folks, so I'm not sure why people think this.
    Apr 15 0
  • Apple industry
    Nope google doesn’t. Can confirm from couple of friends who got in after 4 and 5 onsites over the years.
    Apr 15 0