Does it look bad to stay in one position for too long?

Apple bqdp
Feb 1 11 Comments

I’ve had basically the same role for the past 7 (nearly 8) years. I’ve stayed at it because:

1. My managers like me and I’m paid very well (I know for a fact I’m paid a fair bit above the norm for my level).

2. The team has pretty good culture/wlb and I like my teammates.

3. I’m still interested in the work/product. There’s always more that I’d like to do when it comes around to planning the next release.

I’ve moved up a few levels, but have more or less the same position. One thing I really feel like I’m missing out on is my role doesn’t expose me to a lot of new technology. I’m pretty much the expert on our team about our own codebase and architected a large chunk of it, but I’m getting increasingly worried that, when the day does come that I want to move on, I won’t have any hard skills to show for my time.

Also, it seems like there’s just this expectation that once you’ve worked somewhere for 3 or 4 years, you should either be moving up into management, or moving to a new project. So I’m worried that future hiring managers will look at this as lack of career development.

What do you guys think?

Edit: TC 380k (base+bonus+RSU grants, W2 is 460k)


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  • Microsoft kikiwi
    It sounds like you really like it. I'd simply say: stay.
    Future hiring managers may see it as lack of career development but also as a strong commitment and responsibility for your team/product
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  • Apple h4krBell3
    People usually leave a manager, not a company. If you have a great relationship with your manager, you should stay. That is hard to find.
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  • Dropbox / Eng 100k🔗🐼
    As long as you’re learning new stuff and your TC is competitive, you can just stay. Job hopping is for people who aren’t satisfied with either management, project, or TC. It’s usually 2 out of 3.
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  • Edit : TC is good seems like it’s working for you
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  • eBay buyitmeow
    If you leave or trade teams they will likely down level you.

    Have you looked into other teams at Apple that you can move into?

    Honestly if you are happy I would stay. Find a way to add new tech maybe into your projects to get different experiences?
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  • Broadcom Ltd. rFkd21
    If you’re in the right place, then stay.
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  • A+E Networks contentRUL
    If I see a resume with someone who has been in the same y or same role for more than 3-4 years I stop reading and throw it out. It shows lack of drive and ambition. I don't want someone to just tread water. I want motivated people who want to grow and develop. The best hires are the ones who want my job and will work hard to get it.
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    • MailChimp papahr
      This is a pretty bad way to look at it.
      Feb 1
    • Apple khNnHGdCb
      You’re at A+E Networks, eh? Follow his advice if you want to work there.
      Feb 1
  • Apple / Eng akj1
    Well it depends on your priorities. Your career will probably suffer at least a little bit for it, but if it pays well, keeps you happy, and frees you up for other things you value more (contrary to what you see on blind it’s possible to value other things above career) then it’s probably a good role to stay in.

    At least until it stops hitting those categories or your priorities shift. It may be tough though, especially at first, to get the career ball really rolling again if you choose to do so in the future.
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  • Apple HumanDoing
    When a corporation focuses more on performance metrics than actual passion or skill, being in one position for a length of time is inevitable. This is my one major qualm with all of the corporate world, even the most progressive of companies.
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