Does low-earner-no-asset-husband gets 50% of high-earner-high-net-worth wife's property if getting divorced?

Expedia e2t2
Jul 7 11 Comments

Per law wife gets 50% of husband's property. Is law equal in vice versa case?



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  • Amazon lxctp
    Why the actual fuck not? Would women fight for equality in everything but when it comes to paying up, then no need for equality??
    Jul 7 3
    • Flowcast lulll
      You think feminism is about equality? Lul dude
      Jul 7
    • Symantec krax0r
      @lulll I thought it is, what is it really about then?
      Jul 7
    • Google singl4ever
      your money is my money.
      my money, is my money.
      Jul 8
  • Uber bund
    Depends on the state. Consult an attorney.
    Jul 7 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    In theory yes, in practice debatable. I don’t think the law is applied blindly though.
    Jul 7 0
  • Uber / Eng itsdara
    Net worth gained after marriage belongs to both. There's no concept of his and hers. There might be an exception for jewelry and personal effects. That's probably why women load up on high end designer bags etc...
    Jul 8 0
  • VMware SweetPease
    If your are married and in a community property state, there is no “wife’s property” unless she had it before the marriage.
    Jul 8 0
  • Amazon echo $?
    IANAL but if you’re in a community property state it doesn’t matter if same or opposite sex couple, male or female, it should be 50% for assets acquired after the marriage.
    Jul 8 0
  • Amazon / Eng оo
    It is spouse, not wife.
    Jul 8 0
  • Accenture hdow
    curious if someone did a prenup just for TC reasons like this
    Jul 7 0