Does your TC keep you from leading a happier life?

NewRelic BPrH48
Jan 9 5 Comments

I love the profession I chose. Coding excites me, but I wish I could quit my job and do it as a hobby / focus on my own projects.

I feel TC keeps me in fear of quitting to take time off while I'm in my 30s for fear of never getting it back.



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TOP 5 Comments
  • Google / Eng SexyVirgin
    As an immigrant, my US TC is at odds with getting laid in my home country. So hard to find hot girls in the US with my level.
    Jan 9 2
    • PayPal Contrarian
      Don’t tell them what your TC is. Act like a normal person.
      Jan 9
    • Google / Eng SexyVirgin
      I'm not a normal person. It is hard to act normal :(
      Jan 9
  • Oracle 🔴vs🔷
    Ehh your title was vague. Yes my TC was too low and I wasn’t happy, not because I was over worked. Couldn’t even own a car in Seattle with my previous TC but now I can with new TC. ✌️
    Jan 9 0
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay
    That’s what PTO is for!
    Jan 9 0