Doing projects to make a better resume

Davey leetRabbit
Oct 7 7 Comments

What kind of projects or content make an attractive resume for FAANG/tech recruiters. I have currently started working on MERN stack and was looking to invest my time in doing something that will add some level of competitiveness to my resume.

I don't want to lie or exaggerate stuff. I don't come from a traditional Java/Python background. I am doing a complete overhaul of my tech stack .So I have to do some good projects to convince them for an interview. I know everything boils down to LC and LP but what will make them call me for interview.

YOE : 6( 3 in US)
TC: somewhere around 110k(Midwest)


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  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    Honestly, CRUD apps written in MEAN / LAMP / MERN / JAM / BAM / FAM / etc. are a dime a dozen, about as interesting as a PacMan game written in Swing. OSS contributions to meaty projects hold far more weight imo.
    Oct 7 2
    • Veritas dogyear
      I think most crud apps are shit. But some crud apps that are well made stand apart from the others.
      Oct 7
    • Google / Eng autodriver
      Scalability could be a differentiating factor.
      Oct 7
  • AT&T MsdR32
    Get a referral instead and practice leetcode and system design instead. Projects won't help you once you are being interviewed very much.
    Oct 7 2
    • Davey leetRabbit
      Yeah true..just wanted to know what will make them call me or get impressed from the resume
      Oct 7
    • AT&T MsdR32
      1. To get an interview, get a referral.
      2. For team matching, projects related to what you want to do are best. If you want to do natural language processing, do a project on that
      Oct 7
  • Yelp dubwubwub
    I recommend you look at the FAANG job posts that most interest you (they have like hundreds of openings) and see what the skills they're asking for are. Then do side projects that practice those specific skills and put those on your resume.

    Essentially, you're trying to learn the right keyworded skills so that your resume gets ranked highly in their ATS and a recruiter can see it and reach out to you.

    If you find it too slow to look through all these job posts manually looking for keywords, there's a chrome tool that scans the job for you and tells you its keywords:
    Oct 9 0


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