Don't work at Uber

Uber BarH
Mar 13 18 Comments

Uber is still a shit show lol imagine two guys who have travel booking experience running a taxicab/food delivery/ autonomous car/scooter/bike business....

Lol they literally just aggregated travel accommodation.


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TOP 18 Comments
  • Amdocs


    12+ yoe same company
    Kalanick, u drunk again?
    Mar 130
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    Tell us more 🍿🥤
    Mar 130
  • Amazon newton12
    Bad day at work?
    Mar 130
  • Uber God.
    Amazon of transportation bro
    Mar 134
    • Amazon axmck
      When you have to use another companies namesake to explain what your company is to people = fail...sorry ‘bro’
      Mar 13
    • Uber God.
      I’m being sarcastic...bro. Uber people will understand.
      Mar 13
    • Amazon axmck
      Ohh I see, inside joke. Good one.
      Mar 13
    • Other people say "Uber of X" all the time
      Mar 14
  • Facebook Probe
    Mar 130
  • Reddit now @ IG
    Uber is a gig economy aggregator
    Mar 131
    • Well except for self driving, bikes, and scooters
      Mar 13
  • Mist Systems shciekjdn
    What’s the tea sis🍵
    Mar 130
  • ConocoPhillips u8Fa66
    I’m listening 🍿
    Mar 130
  • GE SpEd6
    It’s too early in the week to start drinking
    Mar 130
  • Salesforce Dpja75
    Culture fail.
    Mar 130
  • KPMG syVP80
    He is having a senior moment ..
    Mar 140
  • Google FGtp85
    And then?
    Mar 130
  • DigitalOcean 🗻🏔️⛰️🌋
    Mar 130

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