Door dash WTH!

Yahoo it'sThurs
Apr 3 6 Comments

Can't get a receipt neat enough to expense. Too many cancellations, downtimes. Someone's gonna get hurt real bad.


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Uber / Eng SrcOfTruth
    Mr Russell Peters
    Apr 3 0
  • Apple MattyD
    Doordash sucks
    Apr 3 0
  • Microsoft garppppp
    And why do they charge 9.9% fee instead of a a flat fee?
    Apr 3 1
    • Roku DRI
      Uber eats charges 15% fee
      Apr 3
  • Nurx / Biz Dev

    Nurx Biz Dev

    Can’t you just check your email which had the receipts?
    Apr 3 0
  • Clever Devices / Eng nzbU08
    Yea I had to take screenshots of 2 different screens and stitch them together to get transaction date and cost in the same screenshot. I think they send email receipts that are neater though.
    Apr 3 0