Doordash culture

Cisco puqR31
Aug 15 10 Comments

Hello Blinders,

How is doordash companys culture? I'm expecting an offer from them. Non SWE role.

- I'm on visa. Does the company support in case of visa issues?
- What are their notable perks?


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    • Salesforce DREAMkid
      Aug 15
    • Salesforce DREAMkid
      No. I'm just curious that's all. I heard their recent valuation is huge or something so just curious. I've also heard they are currently growing faster than Uber eats?
      Aug 15
    • DoorDash javacrypt
      Don’t know what this person is talking about, but seeing as they’re not a Doordash employee I’m guessing they’re full of it? IMO we’re the opposite of cut throat, great co-workers and very collaborative. Also true that for a while management was very young, but that’s changed a lot in the past 6 months. Pretty much took the VP of Uber eats and then he took all of their best managers with him.
      Aug 15
    • DoorDash / Strategy drcfs
      It really depends on the team. Some managers are great, others not so much. This is to be expected in a young company where kids work a few years and get promoted to Director-level. Often times see ICs shift into People Manager roles lacking the skills to effectively manage and grow their reports.

      Culture on the Drive and Strategy orgs is always evolving. Since we’re growing a lot, reorgs are common and some folks benefit while others get stuck at the bottom. But totally agree with the fires part and it’s not sustainable.
      Aug 16
    • DoorDash TJxa11
      It's definitely gotten a lot better and is nothing like what Apple is describing. We've grown from 800 to 2000 employees in a year and a lot of things have changed.
      Aug 17
  • DoorDash Qcep38
    I don't understand why people who don't work for DoorDash get to comment on the company culture. How does that even work?
    Young people running a company does not mean it is bad. What kind of a logic is that?
    Company culture is great. You get to work with really smart people. We are doing really well. We are trying to solve really complex logistics problems. Every company has issues with scaling when they are young. That is the challenge.
    Aug 16 0
  • Cisco lotr
    Been working there . It's a shitshow. Accept the offer at your own risk. It's a constant fire fight all the time. Also, most of the managers are ego maniac kids. Severely lacking people management skills. I have seen senior engineers leave team/company cuz the kiddo manager just couldn't handle senior tech folks.
    Aug 16 0
  • DoorDash cwOq47
    YMMV. I have seen great managers, but worse managers poured in the company. As people said, it has been a shitshow for sure. When I had a good manager, it was kinda worth it. Otherwise, it ruined my life.
    Oct 14 0
  • Sorry dude.
    Aug 15 0


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