Doordash vs Oscar vs Angellist

New / Product tcplz
Jan 20 14 Comments

Thoughts on which is better in terms of prestige/brand, talent, culture, comp?



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  • Oscar / Other Tender
    Lol Oscar here. I say your only choice is between Doordash and Oscar. I work for Oscar so my opinion is biased but we do have great talents and wlb is awfully great. Culture is open and fun - no bro culture that sort of shitty people. Comp wise just like any startup you just need to negotiate hard on the base.
    Jan 20 9
    • Oscar / Other Tender
      LA is a small team (one team about 8 ppl now??) We are expanding NYC like crazy.
      Jan 20
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      Groupon, Amazon
      How is Angellist not a big name but Oscar is? What in the world is Oscar?
      Jan 20
    • 23andMe / Eng umfn60
      Oscar is a pretty large health tech company. Has over 10x the valuation of angellist. Also their CEO is kushners brother lol
      Jan 20
    • Oscar / Other Tender
      Not CEO but one of the founders yes :)
      Jan 20
    • Oscar p00pJuice
      IDK if I agree about the lack of bro culture.
      Feb 9
  • DoorDash / Eng mxbtpq
    Another vote for DoorDash. We're working on a diverse set of problems that you may not find at some other companies: machine learning as it relates to predicting various metrics around deliveries and combatting fraud, robotics/computer vision, NLP, and we have the typical web services stuff too but with some unique scaling challenges to tackle. I'll also say that we have some of the friendliest people working here - I truly have not encountered a single asshole or negative person so far and I've been here for 6 months. Feel free to AMA as well!
    Jan 21 0
  • DoorDash dudedeliv
    Don’t know much about the other two. DoorDash is great. AMA would be glad to help out.
    Jan 21 0
  • New / Eng ballsdeep
    Depends on problem domains you care about. I’d work at Oscar though. Their eng teams are solid
    Jan 20 0
  • Uber serf
    Jan 20 0


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