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First Republic / Eng Steins
Sep 18 6 Comments

Posting for a friend below.

Current TC 180. New TC 210 + 45 sign on first year. (Supposedly the max for my level)
5 YOE in tech

Current work situation is less than ideal. Both on team level and organization level. Company is starting to enter cost cutting mode and our office is a primary target for cost cutting since there's high attrition here. Manager doesn't have my best interests in mind and prioritizes other peers' growth.

New company's stock and mission look much more positive. They are expanding and investing in employees. I'd be working in the HQ office. But commute would be 1.5 hours each way (an increase from my current 35-40 min). My new manager has been at the company for 10 years and seems good.

A fair comparison of my current and new employer would be like Walmart vs Amazon. One clearly dominates the tech space and looks much better on your resume. But both are established and Walmart is still the go-to for cheap in-person shopping.

What I'm most concerned about is career growth. At 5 YOE, I was really hoping for L4 or above but recruiter said I got "really difficult interviewers". If I go to the new company at a new grad level, I'm worried about how it might look in future. I'd be competing with new grads for promotions and wouldn't reach L5 for a long time.

Should I take the offer? Should I stay at my current company and continue interview elsewhere? Try again in a year?


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  • Microsoft sjai
    After taxes the extra 30k will turn into 20ish. You are adding almost an hour each way to your commute. A brief calculation says that’s over 400 hours a year - for 20k additional. That’s valuing your time at $45 an hour, which is far less than what OP makes currently. Not to mention commuting 3 hours a day would make almost anyone hate their life
    Sep 18 0
  • Microsoft sjai
    Commuting 1.5 hours each way is not even close to worth it for the increase in TC
    Sep 18 2
    • MemSQL / Eng hghv123
      $45k doesn’t count?
      Sep 18
    • Amazon techled
      Its only for the first year. You'll notice when it's gone in the 2nd
      Sep 18
  • Amazon HashDivan
    Don't commute 1.5 hrs each way. It's not worth it unless you can negotiate some WFH.
    Sep 18 0
  • Indeed oyegasas
    Is the new company okay with WFH 1-2 times a week? It might be worth it then
    Sep 18 0


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