Driver strikes

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May 8 2 Comments

The media have been reporting for weeks that driver protests will take place for the Uber IPO. It felt shitty this whole week even though we finally will IPO after many years of toil.

I showed up to work today, fully embracing the potential of being harassed by angry folks. And there were news vans parked on the streets, cameras pointing every direction... but no protesters.

I came to my desk, unscathed. I checked the calendar, no mistake there. I checked surge, another boring day. Coworkers look at each other, all wide eyed.

I should’ve learned by now that when it comes to Uber, every bad news is amplified tenfold, as the media sucks away all the eyeballs and clicks.

Now back to work...


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  • American Express vista133
    Nicely written. Unsual enough in blind to be noticed.
    May 8 0
  • Akamai Technologies VmQQ44
    Yep, just another day and just another small group of petulant children making a lot of noise about nothing that anyone else cares about.
    May 8 0