Dropbox Referral needed

Oath Oowley
Aug 12 8 Comments

Need a dropbox referral for new grad PM role. :(

Past experience :
Product Manager Intern at Yahoo!
Business Analyst at Deloitte consulting
3.77 GPA , University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign


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TOP 8 Comments
  • NetApp jugdt
    Why dbx? Airbnb vmw uber google fb why dbx?
    Aug 13 3
    • Dropbox / Eng bigbeans
      You can get your stock at a very low price
      Aug 13
    • NetApp jugdt
      Aug 13
    • Oath Oowley
      I mean dropbox I am waiting for a referral because I made a mistake of applying to uber/facebook/twitter without referrals even though I have my mentors and friends :(
      So want to give my best shot.
      Aug 13
  • Dropbox nSxV23
    DM me
    Aug 12 3
    • Oath Oowley
      Aug 13
    • Hi, can I DM you for the new grad SWE role at Dropbox?
      Aug 13
    • New t2s
      Can I please DM you? I am a student from a well known school that is interested in interning at Dropbox. I have been practicing a lot of questions (200+) and I feel good about them as well. I am willing to send you any information that you may need.
      Sep 12