Dual Wield Phones for Work + Personal?

Warner Bros. Skygreen
Apr 27 10 Comments

If your company provides a free phone for you, do you choose to dual wield a work + personal phone or merge it?

I’m thinking if I should cancel my $70/month plan since the company I will be joining will be providing a free Samsung/iPhone.


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  • Dual wield. Keep work and personal stuff separate.
    Apr 27 1
    • Amazon / Project

      Amazon Project

      Agree. Be able to ignore one phone when you need to, or leave it at home.
      Apr 27
  • Cisco cf797480
    Separate phones, always. If your phone belongs to the company, they always have a right to seize it or wipe it at any time.
    Apr 27 2
    • AT&T / Eng

      AT&T Eng

      Optum, Windstream, AT&T, Verizon
      Bingo bango.

      The drawbacks of working for a small contracted call center (in a prior lifetime). Work email required an Exchange profile be loaded (no mail alternatives) which as a condition requested permission to be able to wipe the phone if administrator chose to.

      Went to my car, grabbed my old android out of my bag, tethered it to my iPhone and said sure πŸ˜‚ have at it.
      Apr 27
    • Cisco cf797480
      Nice, I do the same with an old iPod at my current job. πŸ˜‚
      Apr 27
  • LinkedIn amzT01
    I like the hard demarcation you get with two phones between personal and work. If you merge you have to give a bunch of administrative permissions to your company for your personal phone. Also I like being able to play with both an android and an IOS phone (if you choose different OSs for your personal and work devices)
    Apr 27 0
  • Google googler78
    Same phone. You can choose to add a work profile in Android, so the company can't just remotely wipe everything. And even if they do, what data isn't automatically backed up to cloud these days?

    New phone every year + phone plan is easily $1k+ in expenses. Why not offload it to the company?
    Apr 27 0
  • I dual SIM. I can't turn off my phone anyway because I work in a position that requires I am contactable in case of emergency, even though it rarely happens.
    Apr 28 0
  • Uber / Eng techcredit
    Definitely dual wield just to keep your data private.
    Apr 27 0
  • Pinger / Eng createπŸ’»
    One phone, save $$
    Apr 27 0


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