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New ggezpz
Apr 11 2 Comments

Hi all,

We are moving to the Dublin/Pleasanton area in a few months and trying to decide where to live. First priority is the public school system, particularly for our oldest who will be entering kindergarten. While it looks like both east Dublin and Pleasanton have good to great schools, I've also heard that DUSD is overcrowded and problematic. That is sort of pushing us to consider Pleasanton as a first choice.

Anyone who has kids in either school district, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
- is DUSD okay, or is it a complete no-go?
- How much variation is there in the Pleasanton schools? Are there particular elementary schools that you would choose versus avoid?
- what are the demographics like?



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  • Cisco / Eng pur
    I live in Dublin. The schools are good, but not as good as Pleasanton. There is overcrowding problem too as you mentioned. Pleasanton houses are more expensive than Dublin, if you can afford Pleasnton, go fo it. I chose Dublin since I could not afford Pleasanton homes.
    Apr 11 1
    • Apple n00b123
      Same here. They are building new schools in Dublin though.
      Apr 11