Ericsson Choongani
Sep 6 3 Comments

well, ive been on the TMO project since 2011. ive gone from MOD till now with E///. as a contractor. NOW all of a sudden TMO is halting all POR’s and POs for equipment. “due to the merger”. things are looking grim even tho I know after all these cuts in 2 months theyll be crying to hire ASAP. so ANYONE know where I can find home? ive been groomed by the MOST stressful and demanding market for the past 8 years. Id like to dedicate my brain cells to a more construcrive and appreciative org. Can anyone come thru?


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  • NetCracker cLQN86
    Dm for Netcracker!
    Sep 10 0
  • Ericsson / Consultant

    Ericsson Consultant

    Akamai Technologies, Ericsson
    MOD of Chunghwa Telecom?
    Sep 9 0
  • REI / Project neverland
    Are you in Bellevue? What position? YOE?
    Sep 6 0


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