E6. Worth doing an MS in CS?

Facebook uMqr54
Aug 21 25 Comments

TC ~ 500k / 30 years old / I have an engineering bachelor's degree, but not in CS. I enjoy learning a lot, wondering if it's worth doing an official degree to fill in missing spots in my knowledge + learning new stuff (probably AI/ML, like everyone else); or just being an autodidact and muddling my way through.


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  • Oscar


    I am a Koala. DM me if you want to cuddle.
    Master will teach you nothing.
    Aug 21 1
    • Oracle / Eng aham
      It's not gonna help you
      Aug 21
  • F5 Networks RRA
    No. Not worth it. You're in your prime earning years and more professional experience will grow your TC at this point--not more formal education.
    Aug 21 0
  • Google Veritаs
    "new stuff (probably AI/ML, like everyone else)" -> probably not
    Aug 21 0
  • Google freethenip
    At 500TC?! Wtf... why...

    420TC no college degree
    Aug 21 0
  • BlackRock Ikqf10
    That’s some serious TC. I agree with @RRA your professional experience would get you more $$. Btw how did you get to 500 TC so quick ?
    Aug 21 0
  • Prudential / IT jacob4205
    how do you make so much?? position?
    Aug 21 0
  • New / Eng Kirk🏝
    I would say.. MS is a great idea if you want to focus on a particular topic and go deep . But for that you have to know beforehand if the said field is really what you wish to do for at least 10 years. I loved my MS program .. learned a lot.. and discovered my interest for systems . One thing .. I did not have CS degree before so it was more like my only option to make any decent career in SWE. Take up small projects .. see if you like it. Also it could be a great time to start something of your own .
    Aug 21 4
    • Google Veritаs
      Focusing and really going deep is for PhD
      MS is more breadth than depth
      Aug 21
    • New / Eng Kirk🏝
      Not too deep* 😉
      Aug 21
    • New / Eng Kirk🏝
      But yes it can help you decide if you want to continue with Phd or not. I did summer work with my prof. and hated the experience . I found the pace too slow and was not motivated by the topic. I am glad I did not go that route .
      Aug 21
    • New DkbP71
      Right, I have a degree in Finance and am taking prereqs now for MS.
      Aug 21
  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    Just take online classes
    Aug 21 1
    • Chase / Eng

      Chase Eng

      JPMorgan Chase & Co., Google
      MS is more for the network. You kinda have to be in person for that. Plus I highly doubt an MS will boost the already high TC
      Aug 22
  • New DXLG54
    Why not do one of those AI specializations on Coursera ?
    Aug 23 0
  • Akamai Technologies uJOJ42
    Another important thing to keep in mind is where you are planning to study, a really good university will help you study with really smart people, a bad college would feel like a frustrating waste of time
    Aug 22 0
  • LinkedIn / Eng phatman
    Unless you're looking to do a PhD and care more about research than money.
    Aug 22 0
  • Uber kdara
    Doesn't fb has internal ml courses? Otherwise part-time may be worth looking into.
    Aug 21 0
  • Credit Karma ckgogo
    If your net worth was very high and you wanted to hang out and party, sure. Otherwise definitely keep your 500k TC.
    Aug 21 0
  • Intuit KReJ50
    Looks like u r underpaid.. MS will boost ur pay
    Aug 21 0
  • Amazon ohjangbeum
    nice tc, can u sign my boob
    Aug 21 0
  • LinkedIn ex-fb
    Part time is worth it. Easier to learn in they environment then by just watching videos. Especially for publishing papers etc.

    Full time.....not at all worth it!
    Aug 21 0
  • KLA-Tencor GareebGuy
    "Schools should not interfere with one's education": Mark Twain😃.
    You've already got whatever could be achieved at this young age. Bravo!
    Aug 21 0
  • Credit Suisse ´´´´´´´´´
    Have you been working 12 hrs a day your past 8 years to reach that TC?
    Aug 21 0
  • Microsoft / Eng unoriginal
    As someone just starting at msft, is a MS good for promotions though?
    Aug 21 0