Early stage startup vs Amazon (Bangalore)

Morgan Stanley confused.
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I have two offers: Amazon SDE1 and SSE in an early stage startup, both Bangalore location.

I will join as 6th or 7th engineer in the startup and will be responsible for designing and building products from stratch. I will work with a small team of really smart engineers, and will probably learn a bunch of stuff along the way. However, the risk is high.

Whereas, Amazon would provide better job security, and since it is one of the FAANG, will open up more doors in future.

Having 1.5 years of experience, should I choose the startup for the learning, or should I choose Amazon for future growth and opportunities?

Amazon offer:

Base : 16.5L
Signon bonus: 8L (5L,3L split in 2 years)
Relocation: 1.5L
RSU: 10 units

1st year TC: 23L
2nd year TC: ~24L

Startup offer:

Base: 24L
Bonus: 2.5

TC: 26.5

YOE: 1.5



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    Amazon Data

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    Now is the time to risk it. If you are able to crack FANG interview now, you ll do it later as well. But the opportunity to work with smart team rarely comes by.

    Ofcourse, listen to your heart and mind. Good luck!
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    Choose Amazon or any MNC if you plan to relocate to US. Otherwise choose whatever your heart says. At this age, you will work hard and learn fast in either place. Don't decide based on the chances of the startup succeeding though.
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  • Depends on what you want from life. The 2 lacs difference in TC is negligible compared to the long term opportunities that Amazon opens up for you. Not to mention, the tools and infra at Amazon are top notch, and you have a better chance at becoming a top engineer at Amazon.

    It’s a very strong brand in India, only rivalled by a few companies and it’ll help you have a greater leverage over compensation negotiations in the future.
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  • Amazon nack
    From your YOE it seems to me that you are quite young. I will suggest join startup as it will you enough experience which will come handy in case you decided to start something of your own.
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