Early stage startups

Centerfield osaN23
May 28 7 Comments

Currently interviewing (LA) with various companies- larger (Hulu/riot/tinder/etc) and smaller

Looking at offer at early stage (post seed) for 150TC plus heavy equity. <20 employees. I love their product. Big disrupter.

My heart leans to startups

What is better for career? Need help here. No FANG on resume, no experience with large companies.

Current TC 130, 5 YOE


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  • Salesforce / R&D HISo11
    Knee-jerk reaction - there is tons to learn at an early stage startup You'll, more likely than not, be stretched beyond your forte. Do ensure the culture is something you can jive with and they're as tech savvy as you if not more.
    Curious: what's your equity stake in it ?
    May 28 0
  • New guw
    I'm assuming Sr. Engg and not Product etc! Go for the startup! Put in 2 years max...learn a shitload..and make your move. If you were later in your career I'd say a post-seed startup is a huge risk. But for you, I say go forth and channel your passion for a couple of years. But if they don't raise further rounds then don't stay around for long!
    May 28 0
  • New guw
    How old are you? And what roles are you targeting or getting? Answer will largely depend on that.
    May 28 1
    • Centerfield osaN23
      25 - targeting senior level roles at most companies

      (am self aware so not senior at google)
      May 28
  • 5 YOE — Get a FAANG on your resume at this point.

    It’ll help in both startups and FAANGs, be a huge career boost, plus confidence boost too.
    May 29 0
  • Go to startup 100%. Happy to share my experience but I worked 1,5y at a very early stage startup. Learned more than all my years of experience combined. Startup doing very well now, have some crazy accomplishments on my resume. Was able to get offers from FAANG easily with a good level and comp.
    May 29 0
  • LinkedIn limgr
    What does "heavy equity" mean for a 10-20 person company? 0.2%?
    May 29 0