Eating meat has dire consequences for the world

Bose bosebose
Jan 17 20 Comments


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  • Amazon Ppl’sChamp
    I’ll take a look at this article after I finish my steak.
    Jan 170
  • Amazon / MgmtKYuG83
    “lol, I like slaves. Good luck getting me to stop kidnapping and enslaving blacks” - southern plantation owners who fought a war to defend their right to enslave others

    There is no question in my mind that over the course of human history, eventually animal consumption will be widely considered both unethical and unnecessary. Different people will realize this on different timelines i suppose
    Jan 174
    • GTFO
      Jan 17
    • Booz Allen Hamilton MqKG86
      lol, I love it when people get on this high horse about slavery on the internet and not realize they are talking to someone who's ancestors on both sides were enslaved.

      I've been a vegetarian for, health reasons, in the past. Now that I eat meat again I personally feel better, and stronger. The same is true for a lot of people, and no attempt to shame them will ever change this fact
      Jan 17
    • Oracle zyfxx
      Humans should not go vegan until our bodies evolve to become herbivores or until we figure out what causes allergies and cancers and have cures for them. I don't eat meat, if that matters.
      Jan 17
    • Apple / EngMojaveX
      I’m pretty sure slaves ate meat too
      Jan 17
  • Amazon / MgmtKYuG83
    There is no way you will ever get me to break from the tradition passed down by less informed humans to domesticate and murder animals to consume the biomass which science has proven my body doesn’t need.
    Jan 172
    • the_grinch
      Typical modern human. Serves at the altar of his own rationality and, in his arrogance, forgets that he too is part of and subjugated to nature.
      Jan 17
    • Northrop Grumman / EngHowCouldYu
      Is this a leetcode hard question?
      Jan 17
  • Intel UrMomma
    Aw. Geeentards want to control me. Cute
    Jan 170
  • Dropbox drl/food
    Come and take it!
    Jan 170
  • Booz Allen Hamilton MqKG86
    lol, I like meat. Good luck getting me to stop eating it
    Jan 171
    • Microsoft


      d a n k m e m e s
      You won't stop but you will eat less of it over time as artificial meats become indistinguishable
      Jan 17
  • Broadcom Ltd. rFkd21
    Jan 170
  • This talks mainly about red meat. Not all meat or dairy. Very important distinction. This argument doesn’t hold for fish, poultry, or dairy. Although overfishing is arguably more devastating than red meat production in terms of ecological impact.

    Shelf the religious debate over meat of vegetarian diet. I don’t care! You will not convince meat eaters to not eat meat. Sorry. Never going to happen. Instead we need to focus on how we raise livestock and the methods used. The western way is to have massive livestock pens where animals are crammed together and fed corn (not a cow or Pigs primary diet) and alfalfa and they’re pumped full of growth hormones and continuous antibiotics to make them grow faster and to not die from disease from their holding conditions.

    Where does all of this corn and alfalfa come from? Endless square miles of valuable farm land produce this monocrop just for livestock. And the animals themselves output so much methane that in the US they’re a bigger emitter if greenhouse gasses than cars are.

    These animals eat grass. Grass is free to grow, and only requires water to sustain a fast growth cycle if it’s continually cut from grazing. We have endless grass lands.

    Scientists found that if you spread all livestock out into small pasture grazing and we irrigate the grass pastures and rotate grazing fields with free range poultry, we can keep the grass in its fast active growth cycle continuously that not only does the grass sequester all atmospheric carbon the animals produce, but an order of magnitude more carbon that it will itself reverse 90% of the human generate atmospheric carbon. All from changing how we raise livestock. And you get free range chickens that eat the grubs and larva out of the cow pies left from the cows, and have a sustained system.

    I’d rather see this happen and let meat cost whatever the market dictates than to stick with the unsustainable and subsidized system we have.
    Jan 170
  • Oracle zyfxx
    If this is going to justify more GM agriculture for the food industry, then I'm not buying into it. The articles raises counter arguments which also need to be highlighted. With rise of food industry and the medical and health research of the past century being questioned, how do we know we're getting it right this time? I'm going to hedge my bets and support good balance instead of extreme measures.
    Jan 170
  • Oracle droned
    You’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers!
    Jan 170
  • Microsoft jPzm21
    My food eats your food
    Jan 170
  • Indeed / Engcrccr
    bottom line is artificial meat, and only till it tastes 99.99% like a steak
    Jan 170
  • Nvidia monolith
    Fuck the world. Bring on the steak!
    Jan 170

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