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If the rule you followed brought you to this ..... of what use was the rule.
Nov 21, 2018 6 Comments

Time has come for me to replace the caps of two of my teeth I am afraid it's going to cost an arm and a leg despite having insurance.

Does anyone know of a dentist in seattle who helps in minimizing out of pocket expense?


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  • Microsoft / EngSenoritaWE
    Put money into your FSA and up your dental coverage for next year.
    Nov 22, 20180
  • Going cheap is not the way to get good healthcare in the US. Go in network and get quality work done.
    Nov 21, 20180
  • Deloitte / Consultant


    Buy cheap, buy repeatedly. You don’t save any money in the end and cost yourself more in time and pain, especially wrt health and dentistry.
    Nov 22, 20180
  • Salesforce / Engboohoohooh
    Try checking with UW school of dentistry.
    My friend did this with other university, when he did not have much money after moving to the US.
    Schools of dentistry need folks for medical residents to practice on or to pass their exams. Apparently result was good and everything was done under supervision of very experienced doctor. The downside is it took twice the time of normal dentist.
    Nov 22, 20180
  • Amazon / EngPivoted
    If I lose a leg or arm in an accident I’ll go see if I can get them exchanged for a couple of teeth at your dentist’s 🐵💡.
    Nov 22, 20180
  • Microsoft ElloWorld
    Just go somewhere in network
    Nov 21, 20180

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