Effectiveness of professional sites

Aug 6 5 Comments

Inspite of hundres of professional networking sites, they are still not serving the individual purpose(Jobs, networking, KT etc)
what is missing in the gaints like, Linkedin, quora, xing etc that you looking for?


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  • New / Product dowop
    Flashing popups, a song that plays on your profile, and glitter text
    Aug 6 1
    • New HHH-HBK
      Really, do people like 🤔😀
      Aug 6
  • New Want
    What's the "individual purpose"
    Aug 6 1
    • New HHH-HBK
      Networking, jobs , knowledge sharing anything that you look for
      Aug 6
  • New galo
    People that go to random networking events are either recruiters or wankers. Linkedin works for companies. If you're looking to serve workers not in high demand, I don't know if you can make anything work for them other than what Lamba School is doing.
    Aug 6 0


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