Elastic - remote engineering positions

Google quix
Jun 2 10 Comments

Been seeing a lot of promoted job links in Glassdoor and Linkedin. I'm kinda digging the whole work remotely aspect.

Would appreciate any intel on -
1. Elastic - the company, culture, wlb etc
2. Interview process
3. TC for engg roles
4. Any other pertinent info


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  • Elastic / R&D OOoOo0oOoo
    Culture is pretty great, having a diverse team in terms of geography makes it a really interesting environment

    Interviews vary per team, but it's your typical recruiter screen, tech screen, tech interview, and culture fit with a higher up

    TC might not be Google levels but it's quite good. You get to make an impact unlike huge companies.

    TC 350K
    Jun 2 8
    • Elastic / R&D OOoOo0oOoo
      There's no "onsite", everyone and their dog is remote
      Jun 2
    • Google quix
      @Elastic - ok I'm sold! :)
      I've sent my resume.... now just keeping my fingers crossed!

      And 350k is a really solid TC, for anywhere except the bay area :)
      Jun 2
    • New / Eng Gopher
      Any idea how much they're paying their devs in india or how much can I expect??
      I am a Golang dev With 2.5 YoE.
      Jun 2
    • Elastic gVWy24
      Dang that's much higher than I was offered recently. You started pre IPO or can you share more details on the comp breakdown?
      Jun 4
    • New / Eng Gopher
      Hey gVWy24 how much were you offered, also are you remote, present city, YoE etc?
      Jun 5
  • Hortonworks


    Pay is definitely lower than google or standard Bay Area office salary.
    You can live anywhere in USA at a lower cost of living city.
    Jun 2 0


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