Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Big Tech

Microsoft Darth G
Mar 9 11 Comments

This isn’t good for anyone at FA GMAN. Potentially good for startups. It seems aimed at Amazon more than anything.

Think this could happen?



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  • Memorial Sloan aVLs40
    Pandering, the second a big tech company gives her campaign a dollar she will be all for them
    Mar 10 0
  • I think it should happen but is incredibly unlikely. I like that she’s trying.
    Mar 9 0
  • Qualtrics xqZci56
    She can say whatever she wants. She isn’t going to win, and neither is any other democrat this cycle.
    I don’t think breaking up large tech companies is the right answer, however, I think there should be more regulations protecting the consumer and their speech.
    Mar 10 0
  • Intuit jirababy
    I am going to vote trump this time because Democrats like aoc, warren and bernies are just communist
    Mar 10 0
  • Uber data🐀
    I don’t think this is good for startups at all. I’m a startup founder and I like the presence of the huge firms. If there aren’t big/sluggish/rich companies, who will acquire us?
    Mar 10 1
    • Microsoft HtIB24
      The metric used to be getting successful in your own right, not getting bought out.
      Mar 10
  • IBM modelx
    She's an idiot of the highest order.
    Mar 10 0
  • Nvidia zVEC05
    She doesn’t even know what that means. Like most liberals when they say you need to “break up big ______!” It’s just pandering to the socialists who think it’ll be easier to take over.
    Mar 10 2
    • What do you “even know” about what it means, then?
      Mar 10
    • Nvidia zVEC05
      She’s mostly breaking them up along random product lines. That doesn’t lessen their impact or influence. If Facebook doesn’t have whats app or insta they don’t suddenly stop being a massive data collection warehouse of your data. They don’t stop tracking your web browsing habits. Same with her google plans.

      Also her marketplace breakup plan is idiotic. Apple’s software on the AppStore doesn’t make much money. Should Microsoft not be allowed to sell you a digital copy of Halo on live?

      And her plan hurts low income people by basically barring store brands, should Costco or Target not be allowed to sell their store brands on their websites?

      Warren’s plan is a weird protectionism for the giant mega corp brands.
      Mar 12
  • Google et2nw8
    I wonder how long before she falls out of the left's graces and get accused of being Trump's useful idiot. (He also has it out for tech)
    Mar 11 0