Elon Trolls Bezos on Twitter

GoDaddy / Mgmt( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jan 11

Disclaimer: not real, but holy fuck I wish it was.

Elon Trolls Bezos on Twitter


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  • Amazon tenders
    Elon Musk = if Tony Stark has autism
    Jan 110
  • Google yODa40
    Ruined it by adding TSLA. It’s like explaining a Joke
    “Funding Secured” was enough and is legendary
    Jan 110
  • IBM tAhj86h
    nice meme
    Jan 110
  • Yahoo Genius
    If you tweet him this screenshot he may retweet it, he doesn't care , lol
    Jan 110
  • Tesla / EngTeslaWolf
    I lol’d
    Jan 110
  • Amazon / EngGHskann
    RIP grimes
    Jan 110
  • New me2you.
    Musk is unstable genius.....look up his paternal genes....father had child with step daughter
    Jan 110
  • Microsoft FBisEvil
    Musk is the biggest narcissistic fraud in popular culture. The personal, criminal vindictiveness he has shown in his targeting of whistleblowers is frightening. The Tesla board should be held culpable for enabling his actions.
    Jan 110

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