Email and office system at Amazon

Oracle igotout
May 1 5 Comments

Does Amazon use MS exchange and office 365 for internal email and office applications? I know chime is is used for comms.

Would appreciate if anyone can share


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Starbucks / Eng QQbobaQQ
    Hosted Exchange or on-prem?
    May 1 2
    • Chase / Data McJU43
      On-prem man. None of this cloud bukksheit. Cloud is for quitters
      May 1
    • Starbucks / Eng QQbobaQQ
      Exchange 2019 by any chance?
      May 2
  • Oracle ora2amzn
    Do most people use outlook for email calendar etc?
    May 2 0
  • Amazon amznl6sde
    Exchange but not office 365. We have an internal google drive type system and use standard office. Also Quip.
    May 1 0